Alemseged Lab attends 2022 AABA Conference in Denver, CO

The Alemseged Lab team attended this year’s joint American Association of Biological Anthropologists (AABA) and Paleoanthropology Society meetings held in Denver, CO.

From left to right are: Weldeyared “Yared” Reda, Zeresenay “Zeray” Alemseged, Hannah Farrell, Laura Hunter, Faye McGechie, Madeleine “Maddie” Kelly, and Peter Stamos.

At the Paleoanthropology Society, Yared presented “Facial Ontogeny in Australopithecus afarensis: Interpreting Variation and Its Implication for Early Hominins Phylogeny”. At AABA, Hannah presented “The internal architecture of the hominoid clavicle and its implications for assessing locomotor behavior”. Faye presented a poster entitled “Comparing 3D Estimates of Neck Muscle Function in Primates”.