Alemseged Lab

Chicago Food Depository

Apr 11, 2023

Our lab members are engaged with UChicago’s Integrative Biology’s committee on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA). In an effort to service the local communities, DEIA organized a recent trip to the Chicago Food Depository where a few of us were able to help repack centralized food donations to ship out to local points of contact.

DEIA group photo

Before packing potatoes, UC’s IB’s DEIA group learned about the Chicago Food Depository.


From our lab, Maddie, Laura, & Rebecca were able to volunteer.


Laura (left) illustrates the packing of potatoes.

Laura (left) illustrates the packing of potatoes with fellow DEIA members.

The team at the Chicago Food Depository was very well organized and kept us energized with good spirits and fun music. We were there with other groups for the Repack session, and all told, we repacked 14,760 meals!

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