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African Rift Valley Research Consortium (ARVRC)

May 7, 2018

ARVRC 2018 group photo

ARVRC 2018 University of Chicago

The ARVRC (pronounced “aardvark”) conducts scientific research on large-scale questions about human origins and environments spanning millions of years on the continent of our species’ birth. Through pooled expertise and shared resources, ARVRC promotes interdisciplinary collaboration among research groups working across the African Rift Valley to produce a region-wide understanding of human evolution and its contexts.

Skeleton replica with ARVRC mascot

To enable integration of data collected from all field projects to answer key questions about human origins and environments across the African Rift Valley, the consortium oversees a shared repository of data relevant to this research, including but not limited to: faunal lists, field contextual data, derived data (e.g., dental measurements) and other materials as deemed appropriate by consortium members.

Previous Conferences

2018 Chicago, University of Chicago
2017 New York
2016 Tempe
2015 Cleveland

Founding members:
Zeray Alemseged
Yohannes Haile-Selassie
Terry Harrison
Bill Kimbel

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