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East African Association of Palaeoanthropology and Palaeontology (EAAPP)

Jul 30, 2017

EAAPP 2017 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

To strengthen prehistory research in eastern Africa through uniting palaeoanthropologists and palaeontologists and other relevant scholars in prehistory studies within the region.

EEAAPP 2015 Dar es Salam, Tanzania. Tanzania East African Association for Paleoanthropology and Paleontology, EAAPP. 5 Biennial Conference – 3-6 Aug 2015, Dar es Salam, Tanzania

To unite scholars working within eastern Africa in relevant fields and to exchange and report on research findings; to raise funds to support eastern African scholars to advance their research interests within the region; to address issues affecting research in eastern Africa such as policy which governs research requirements in member countries. (To this end, the association will offer necessary advice whenever required by respective governments to facilitate, simplify, and streamline prehistory research within member countries); be a platform where research redundancy would be minimized and collaboration enhanced; be a clearinghouse for new projects within the region; advance prehistory training within the region, especially to youth.

EAAPP 2013 Mombasa, Kenya. Interactions through scientific discussions in pre-history heritage in Eastern Africa

Previous Conferences

2017, 30 July – 2 August, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
2015, 3 – 6 August, Dar Es Salam, Tanzania
2013 National Museums of Kenya, Mombasa, Kenya
2011, 8 – 12 August, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
2009, 16-20 August, Naura Springs Hotel, Arusha, Tanzania
2007, 18 – 20 June, Nairobi, Kenya
2005 (Inception)

Co-Founder (with Emma Mbua) and President: Zeray Alemseged

More Information:

EAAPP 2007 Nairobi, Kenya. First Biannual EAAPP Conference at Kenya National Museum HQ’s Nairobi, Kenya – 18th-20th June 2007


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