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Gorongosa National Park | Paleo Primate Project

Sep 1, 2016

Zeray is the paleoanthropologist of the Paleo Primate Project along with Rene Bobe and under the leadership of Dr. Susana Carvalho.

We are starting a new long-term field project – (PPP) PaleoPrimateProject Gorongosa – at one of the most ecologically diverse ecosystems in Africa, Gorongosa National Park. With habitats ranging from forest to grassland, and with about 200 troops of unstudied baboons, Gorongosa offers a unique opportunity for us to learn about primate adaptations to complex landscapes. The study of the non-human primates of Gorongosa will provide insights into how human ancestors adapted to similar landscapes in the past. Gorongosa is also likely to provide direct evidence of human ancestors and their adaptations. The study of living primates and the potential fossil sites provide a powerful impetus for long-term research and the establishment of a field school for students and staff of Mozambique Universities and elsewhere.

Gonogosa Team

More information:
Susana Carvalho Ph.D. Associate Director of Paleontology and Primatology

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